Improving on Great Designs

Modifications Add to Value

SouthWind Global Aviation enjoys every opportunity to side with those that have the vision to look at a great aircraft and wonder “what if”. Perhaps you are interested in obtaining simple modifications on your aircraft for greater range, A/C, STOL performance, or speed, or perhaps your needs are much more involved to require surveillance and reconnaissance, photo platforms , or medical platforms. We can either provide support in our own facility or have great relationships with the best of the best.

SouthWind Global Aviation not only takes great pride in our work, but in the satisfaction of our clients. The relationships that we build contribute to our success greatly. Aside from our many other services, being able to perform upgrades to aircraft such as engine modifications, speed enhancements, air conditioning installations, cargo pods, or increased weight kits, adds to the overall value we can provide to our customer.

“…Kirby Ortega and SouthWind Global Aviation Inc., Moundridge, KS. tag teamed me to Crew Rating in the plane. Kirby and Terry Landon with SouthWind were a fantastic combination and I highly recommend their services. My thanks to both of those guys…

Richard Greb, Citation Mustang Owner/Pilot

Upgraded to Your Specifications