Aircraft Shipping is an Art

Perfecting Disassembly and Containerization

An aircraft in the air is a breathtaking and beautiful thing. It should look equally impressive even when inside a crate. SouthWind Global has mastered the art of aircraft shipping and containerization. We overengineer to ensure that when aircraft are packaged, containerized and shipped they are secure from any hazard. Our proprietary packaging is 10 times stronger than necessary to protect aircraft from any potential risk that truck, railroad, oceanic transport or airfreight has to offer.

Thousands of Aircraft Safely Delivered

We calculate, prepare, and then implement great precautions to make sure that your aircraft ships safely, timely and without a scratch. Since 1985, our reputation for undamaged aircraft is as secure as the aircraft themselves. We have shipped more than 1,200 aircraft over decades – all without an insurance claim. That’s why SouthWind Global is the preferred choice for manufacturers for aircraft shipping and reassembly of new aircraft deliveries around the globe.

“Over the years Airflite has tried a variety of different organizations to assist in collection, delivery, dismantling and crating their aircraft. Since its inception, SouthWind has become the choice company for ALL of Airflite’s airplane exportation and transportation needs.”

Airflite Pty Ltd

Over-engineered to Protect

Let Us Safely Ship Your Aircraft