Fuel Cell Installation

FAA-Approved and Certified Installations

While we do not install tanks in an aircraft that our highly trained crews will not be a part of a ferry for, our systems are installed and tested at our facility by our FAA certified technicians with our FAA approvals. Many of our competitors rely on a third party to install their ferry tanks. A third party installer could NEVER feel the pressure of protecting the interior, the relationships with the customer, or the safety of the operation. When they install a tank, they are done. SouthWind takes full responsibility for the WHOLE job!

Why Install An Auxiliary Fuel Cell?

Safety is our greatest priority. Improving the non-stop range of overseas flying is an obvious consideration. However, other reasons to install a ferry system can be more subtle. When we install a ferry system into an aircraft, we are considering a wide variety of factors including the cost of fuel, safety of weather regions, reduced flight time on the aircraft, maintenance options, and regional instability in an ever changing world. Stopping can be expensive and always increases exposure to risk. Safety can be measured in many ways. SouthWind Global Aviation only uses pressure and leak tested aluminum fuel cells. We do not use rubber fuel cells that may leak and damage your interior. We pride ourselves on the care we put into protecting your aircraft during the installation and removal of these systems. We work very hard to ensure your aircraft is as new as the day it arrived to us. With multiple FAA fuel approvals including most Cessna, Beechcraft, Cirrus, Piper, Mooney, Viking, and Quest Kodiak propeller aircraft, we can support nearly any need you may have.

Installation by Aircraft Experts

“PTE Systems Ltd., based in Beijing China has been working with SouthWind Global Aviation/Weaver Aero for over 10 years, we value very much the long term partnership with them. They are a professional service provider in the general aviation industry with proven knowledge, expertise, skills and solutions, plus strong sense supporting customers on business side.”

易海 Frank Yi, 卓成动力有限公司(PTE Systems Ltd.)