We take great pride in our efforts to provide an unequal customer service experience. We appreciate the kind words represented by a few of our clients that we have formed lasting relationships with.

“SouthWind does a highly professional job for us, we could not be more pleased!”

Russell W. Meyer Jr.

Chairman Emeritus, Textron Aviation

“SouthWind Global and CH Robinson have been working together since 2010 to provide international logistics to clients around the world . SouthWind is a perfect example of a company who really knows what they are doing. Their research and perfected processes make them a true pleasure to work with.”

Lillie K Giess, CH Robinson

“Airflite Pty Ltd, a supplier of Airplanes in Australasia for over 34 years is delighted to have formed a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with SouthWind Global Aviation / Weaver Aero International.  Over the years Airflite has tried a variety of different organizations to assist in collection, delivery, dismantling and crating of airplanes on behalf of Airflite. Since its inception, SouthWind has become “the choice” company for ALL of Airflite’s airplane exportation and transportation needs”

Airflite Pty Ltd

“Tyson and the team at Southwind Global have been operating my plane for the last two years.  On top of some of the best pilots anywhere, they also manage the day to day operations and maintenance of my plane professionally.  I know the plane will be in great shape and the pilots will get us to our destination safely.  I really appreciate the scheduling on a shared calendar so we can always double check there are no miscommunications. I highly recommend them if you are looking for someone to manage your plane.  Ray K,  Citation XLS Owner”

Ray K. - Citation XLS Owner

“Terry and Tyson and the staff at SouthWind Global Aviation made my transition to owner-pilot of a complex jet an enjoyable and satisfying experience.  These guys are the ultimate experts.  They performed a detailed acceptance inspection for our aircraft.  They also flew and managed our aircraft while teaching and preparing me to fly and manage it myself. I fly my family and business associates with total confidence due to the training I received at SouthWind Global Aviation.”

Jed Molleston, CJ4 Owner

“PTE Systems Ltd., based in Beijing China has been working with SouthWind Global Aviation/Weaver Aero for over 10 years, we value very much the long term partnership with them. They are a professional service provider in the general aviation industry with proven knowledge, expertise, skills and solutions, plus strong sense supporting customers on business side.”

易海 Frank Yi, 卓成动力有限公司(PTE Systems Ltd.)

“…Kirby Ortega and SouthWind Global Aviation Inc., Moundridge, KS. tag teamed me to Crew Rating in the plane. Kirby and Terry Landon with SouthWind were a fantastic combination and I highly recommend their services. My thanks to both of those guys…

Richard Greb, Citation Mustang Owner/Pilot