Factory Acceptance

Peace of Mind from the Start

SouthWind Global’s aircraft factory acceptance process provides you the confidence in knowing that the aircraft will be at its highest level of quality when you receive it. We’re experts in every aspect of the aircraft, checking hundreds of items before we accept it from the factory on your behalf. There is no such thing as being too thorough. We are your advocate for even the smallest of details to ensure your aircraft investment is fully realized and your expectations exceeded.

Thoroughness Adds Value

New aircraft ownership can be an exciting yet stressful process to an owner. A proper factory acceptance can save thousands of dollars many times over. We will remain with your aircraft for several days as needed, until it is exactly as desired. We can walk you through the process or accept the aircraft on your behalf. We handle the main segments: the pre-flight inspection, the flight inspection and systems check, and the final inspection and acceptance of the aircraft.

“These guys are the ultimate experts. They performed a detailed acceptance inspection for our aircraft.”

Jed Molleston

CJ4 owner

Your Advocate at the Factory

Aircraft Factory Acceptance