Factory Acceptance Services

Our Aircraft Factory Acceptance process will set your aircraft above the others

Our Aircraft Factory Acceptance process provides you with piece of mind during the delivery experience in knowing that the aircraft will be at its highest level of quality when you receive it. To be known by the manufacturers as “too thorough” is a complement to us. Our staff is trained on common issues on each aircraft type and will pursue the smallest of details to ensure that the delivery of the aircraft will exceed your expectations.

New aircraft ownership can be an exciting, yet stressful, process to a new owner. A proper factory acceptance can save thousands of dollars many times over. The SouthWind team will remain with your aircraft for several days as needed until it is exactly as you would expect. We can walk with you through the process while you are present, or accept your aircraft for you or your company on your behalf in your absence. Our acceptance checklists outlines the hundreds of items that need to be checked to ensure that your aircraft is in the best condition possible. We separate the delivery day into three main segments; the pre-flight inspection, the flight inspection / systems check, and the final inspection and acceptance of the aircraft.


Aircraft Factory Acceptance